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My company is the national fixed-point production pharmaceutical machinery and water treatment equipment of high-tech enterprises, the company is located in the world kite - weifang, the development and production of reverse osmosis system, CEDI ultrapure water device and micro mineralized water purification unit series, desalination series, sewage treatment equipment and other products, access to a number of awards at home and abroad, the products all over the world.

The company has many years of professional experience in production management, adhering to the advanced concepts is committed to environmental protection and high-tech industry.Companies with advanced science and technology, excellent processing equipment, excellent product quality and perfect after-sale service enjoys reputation home and abroad.

One, sewage treatment equipment:Specializing in the production of all kinds of sewage treatment equipment, to undertake various sewage treatment engineering design, construction and installation of debugging.
Two、the treated water series equipment:To mineralization apparatus, reverse osmosis and ion exchange, EDI and so on many kinds of treatment method of water purification, to meet the medical industry, power plant, water, the village water supply, etc. Various kinds of different requirements.
Three、medical equipment:Is the national fixed-pointProduction of medical equipment and accessories professional manufacturers.Pharmaceutical water making equipment, cleaning pipe, all kinds of storage tank, mixing tank, etc., are to achieve and exceed the state GMP acceptance standard.
Four、disinfection equipment:The main products are chlorine dioxide generator, ozone generator, ultraviolet radiation sterilization machine and a series of sterilizing equipment.
Five、desulfurization dust removal equipment:Specializing in the production of all kinds of desulfurization dust removal equipment, to undertake all kinds of flue gas desulfurization dusting engineering design, construction and installation of debugging.

I company of shandong university developed combined together more micro mineralization instruments have national patent, patent number: ZL01268425.2, after the change device treated water rich in zinc, strontium, iodine and so on the many kinds of trace elements and calcium and magnesium ions, running minerals, the department of health detection for a long time, the water quality can meet GB8537-1995 drinking natural mineral water standard, and more than the world health organization and the developed countries drinking water standard.

My company will be first-class quality, reasonable price and perfect after-sale service and dedication to provide you with complete set of products.For the health and the environmental cause contribution a love!

Our business philosophy: to perfection for customer service;

Our work standards: let the user satisfaction;

Our aim: let users moved.


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