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After-sales service:
·Accurate, timely, warm and thoughtful
·company regulation:
  Province within 24 hours to reach the scene
  Outside the province 48 hours to reach the scene
Please supervise!

1.service commitment
    I am in the company of "perfect for the user service, customer satisfaction, so that customers moved," the purpose of solemnly to the vast number of users open commitment.
(1) to strengthen quality management, improve the quality assurance system, strict implementation of standards and contracts, on time to provide reliable quality of qualified products.
(2) product quality problems, after receiving the user notification to the scene after the service, and do not solve the problem, the service does not stop.
(3) according to user needs, can carry out equipment debugging, technical training, technical advice and quality tracking service

2.service concept
Quality after - sales service
    We welcome you to use the machine produced by our company, here to provide you with a variety of equipment, we can guarantee that it is a national high-quality products. Our company is not only responsible for the free consultation of various related issues, with a variety of related technical guidance, technical cooperation, but also with a well-trained, experienced, strong technical force after-sales service team, the product sold, According to the date requested by the user, send experienced technical staff free of charge to the site to guide the installation, to help users on-site commissioning, guide the load test and test run, training operators.

(1) the choice of equipment model.
(2) according to the special requirements of customers, design and manufacture of products.
(3) training technical staff for customers.
(4) the company free to send engineering and technical personnel to the user site for the user planning site, design the best process and program.

In sale
(1) product acceptance.
(2) to assist customers in the development of construction programs.

(1) free assigned special after-sales service personnel, arrived at the scene to guide customer installation and commissioning.
(2) equipment installation and commissioning.
(3) on-site training operators.


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